Dammit! has been playing the San Francisco Bay area (and beyond!)
music scene for over 20 years. Originating from the basement of
guitar thrasher John Gillette, the goal was to start a band that had the
sound of Metallica and the heart of Alice in Chains; a mixture of Punk,
Rock/Metal and Grunge; and John Gillette did just that!
Dammit! has taken on the Bay Area by Storm with their new blend
of energetic hard and heavy music!
Like their fan base, Dammit! tunes like ‘Short Fuse’ and ‘Darker and Darker’,
have evolved over the years, and now have a new energy that is attracting
crowds who are thirsty for something different. Dammit! Is that something
different; they are that something you do not hear on the radio nowadays,
and that is what people are looking for in a band: something dark, something
edgy, and something that is not pre-fabricated. Check out our five-song EP, ‘Darker and Darker’.